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Senior Level Marketing Communications
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Summary Senior Marcom Positions with Fortune Fifty Technology Leaders


Chief Editor, "New Products at a Glance" – Hewlett Packard and Compaq – 1999-2002

Ensured excellence in publicizing high-end products and services to enterprise-level decision-makers.

Originated style and usage guidelines – ensuring clear, consistent messaging in a chaotic, jargon-ridden market.

Supported implementation and evaluation of custom-engineered content-processing software, part of a complex transition from print to web publishing.

Conducted reader surveys and gathered user-trending data – optimizing effectiveness in reaching the target market.


Multimedia Specialist – Compaq Computer Corp. – 1999


Our team empowered resellers / partners to address customer requirements with speed and precision by developing the ActiveAnswers Development Kit, a web-based toolset.


Managing Editor, "Customer Update" – Digital Equipment Corp. – 1995-1998


Edited quarterly product update – targeting high-level enterprise technology decision-makers.

Managed content providers – assigned coverage to teams of up to 8 writers; revised and edited all submissions. Checked data, proofed copy, secured approvals.

Produced parallel editions for internal readers (sales force) as well as customers.


Senior Marcom Writer – Digital Equipment Corp. – 1986-1995


Created hundreds of engaging publicity pieces, major trade-show presentations, motivational videos and customer-focused, industry-aligned brochures.

Executive speechwriter (VP level) – customer, analyst, and sales audiences.


Medical, Healthcare, and Technology Writing


For Physicians: "Atherectomy," "Atherotomy," "Cvolonoscopy," "Ureteroscopic Lithectomy" (Boston Scientific)


For Patient Education: Articles and FAQs

Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (Body1)

Necrotizing Fasciitis (Body1)

Palpitations (Body1)

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy (Boston Scientific)

Polymer Injection (Body1)

Protein Pump Inhibitors (Body1)

Reflux (Body1)

SARS Interview with Stephen Zinner (Body1)

SARS update (Body1)

Tissue Acquisition (Boston Scientific)

Vagotomy (Body1)

Varices (Body1)


For Scientific Community: White Papers, Application Notes, Profiles

Human Genome Project (Whitehead Institute / DEC)

Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Biotechnology (Supercomputing Applications)



Managing Partner and Creative Writing Director – Think! Interactive Design – 1996-2000


Wrote and edited reader-friendly content for multimedia web sites.

Consulted with clients in planning and content sessions.

Collaborated with creative teammates on site design and architecture.


Consultant – National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution - 1998-2001

Contributed to the planning of the Smithsonian's ultimate Mall museum as a contract consultant with Rare Media Well Done, a museum conceptualization company:

Contributed research and copywriting to support architects' exhibit plans.

Consulted on architecture and navigation for an intranet reference tool designed to support technical decision-making by staff and contractors.

Collaborated with virtual team to construct relational databases.

Collaborated on Practices Guidelines, respecting and reflecting the values of Native American peoples of North and South America.


Information Architect and Webmaster – Calliope, Inc. – 1996 to Present


Repurposed research archives of this award-winning educational media company into an information-rich web site with appeal to multiple audiences.

Enhanced history, literature, and popular culture topics for students and teachers with curriculum builders and interdisciplinary links.

Tailored access and navigation to multiple learning styles.


Additional Media and Public Education Experience


Boston Film/Video Foundation. Co-founding Board Member (seven years), President and Chairman (one year). A nonprofit regional center for independent film, video, and performance art, supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts and the Rockefeller Foundation.


Calliope Film Resources. Partner and Treasurer. A nonprofit media producer and web publisher celebrating 25 years in arts, humanities and public education.


The Thoreau Project. Director. An Internet learning site for all ages dedicated to this American philosopher and his times.



Universitι de Paris / Sorbonne

Columbia University, M.A., cum laude.

Harvard College, A.B., magna cum laude. Phi Beta Kappa.


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