Jean Toomer Links The most complete resource. This site with many pages and links is a labor of love by Scott W. Williams, who is a math professor at SUNY Buffalo and many things besides.
Offers several poems (including one audio), a biography, and links elsewhere (including the AAP's "Poets of the Harlem Ranaissance and After").
A collection of critical, historical, and biographical information at the Modern American Poetry site, maintained by ther University of Illinois, Urbana. Compiled by Charles Scruggs, English professor at U Arizona.
A page for an English course at U North Carolina that addresses Toomer and race.
Part of the "Perspectives on Americal Lit" site by Paul P. Reuben (at Cal State Stanhope), offering a multitude of useful links and discussions.
Four poems (Cotton Song, Evening Song, Georgia Dusk, Reapers) on a page by Jill Diesman of Northern Kentucky U.
The 1968 introduction to Cane written by Arna Bontemps, the Harlem Renaissance author and memoirist. A page at the African American Literature Book Club site.

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